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Are you interested in installing a new hardwood floor in your home or commercial property? Do you feel new flooring material could bring in a new (and much-needed!) look? If so, you should schedule a professional wood flooring installation with Carter Wood Floors, Inc.. We have several decades of experience installing and restoring various wood flooring materials in homes and businesses throughout the Long Beach, CA area. If you love this option, see how we can help you.

The Services We Offer:

Wood Floor Installation
Our local flooring service provider specializes in installing durable, fabulous wood floors in residential and commercial settings. All the hardwood floors we supply are made from premium-grade wood, and we install them with impeccable craftsmanship at very competitive rates. Our employees have the expertise to handle jobs of any size or scope, following the industry’s leading techniques for wood floor installation. You can choose from the following: oak, red oak, hickory, ash, birch, maple, hickory, pecan, and American cherry.

Wood Floor Repair & Restoration

Wood Floor Repair & Restoration
If you are not ready to say goodbye to your old floors, our contractor can help you with professional repair work. Filling all the gaps and cracks will be our first task. The restoration process may involve replacing permanently damaged wood boards with wood of the same type, and working on broken, warped, faded, cupped, crowned, termite-damaged, water-damaged, scratched, or buckled boards. By the time we finish, your flooring will look as good as new!

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing
We are your local experts in wood flooring restoration and refinishing. Working with thousands of finishes and stains, we can promise superior results. To restore old or exceptionally worn hardwood floors with precision, we will remove the existing, scratched finish, and give the dull or discolored floors new life by adding a new finish. If your flooring has been subject to years of heavy foot traffic, refinishing is the most cost-effective way to restore and maintain its luster and beauty.

Lots of Advantages

With our proficient and scrupulous technicians, your wood flooring will keep its value for decades to come. We only work with established floor manufacturers and undertake custom residential and commercial installation projects. As a comprehensive wood floor contractor, our specialists perform repairs, recoating, and refinishing for all types of wood floors, no matter their age or condition. We are also available to install solid and engineered hardwood flooring, moldings, baseboards, and stairs.

Speaking with Our Specialists

Our floor installers have the various skills to accurately assess the surface and determine the best and most cost-effective way to restore it. We can also give you expert advice if you are interested in installing and customizing new wood flooring for your property. From simple fixes to entirely new wood flooring refinishing, we are here to ensure the absolute success of your project.

For additional details about our company and working methods, contact us today. Our prominent business is in Long Beach, CA, reach Carter Wood Floors, Inc. for an appointment.


by Suzanne L. on Carter Wood Floors, Inc.
Professionalism and Quality!

Professionalism, punctuality, and responsiveness! This is how I review your amazing wood flooring services. Thank you for giving me access to a plethora of top-quality materials and designs. My new flooring looks spectacular. Thank you!

Paloma Ferreira
Paloma Ferreira
Flooring Installation did an amazing job with my new hardwood flooring! They were very professional, efficient and reliable. I highly recommend them if you need help with a flooring installation project.
Ann Fitzer
Ann Fitzer
I have used Carter Wood Floor company twice, each time they did an excellent job. First time they restored the original wood floors in my 1924 Spanish Colonial kitchen which turned out beautiful. This time they are restoring the vintage Red Oak in Living, dining and hallway. Well they did it again, it looks so beautiful I want to do the rest of my house. I highly recommend Carter’s “they are the Best”.

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